Project Rules

Тема в разделе "Правила / Rules", создана пользователем Lirion, 28 фев 2018.

  1. Lirion

    Lirion Administrator Команда форума

    Administration of the server
    • The instructions of the Administration are binding.
    • If the player does not agree with the actions of the Administration, he must follow the following order:
    • - Follow the instructions of the Administration.
    • - In due course, appeal against the actions of a member of the Administration
    • When a member of the Administration appears near one of the players, the players are obliged to stop all hostilities if they were conducted and do not resume them until the representative of the Administration leaves.
    • It is prohibited to flood administration.
    • In relation to the Administration, insults, threats, any public comments on their actions/omissions both in the game and on the forum are prohibited.

    Rules for creating characters
    • It is forbidden to use names and their variations: Administrator, Admin, GM, Support and so on
    • It is forbidden to use the names of characters that humiliate other players or include non-normative vocabulary, as well as deliberate use of other people's names.
    • Recovering characters deleted for violations or accidentally deleted by the players themselves is done individually.
    • The lost skills and property (except for those lost through the explicit fault of GMs) are not restored.
    • Recovery of passwords and accounts of lost or forgotten is not performed. The owner of the registration mailbox for the account is the owner of this account!

    • It is forbidden to leave a character in public places on speech macros or flood.
    • A speech macro (flood) means the constant repetition of one phrase more often than once every 30 seconds.
    • It is forbidden in the game (forum) to use mate or insulting other players statements, as well as veiled and abbreviated mate (Private, Clan, Alliance chats are not considered.)
    • It is forbidden in the game (forum) to advertise third-party projects, either in plain text or veiled. (Titles, signatures, etc.)
    • It is forbidden in the game (forum) to advertise any services, sites, objects.
    • It is forbidden to create and use a casino (from users).
    • It is forbidden to arrange the distribution of game values (to harm the economy server) and to inform deliberately about the withdrawal from the project.

    Game process
    • It is forbidden to obstruct the player in the form of restriction of movement with the help of other players.
    • It is forbidden to leave in cities and on mp animals and summoned creatures. The radius of following a pet or creature is no more than 600. During PVP / PC, a pet or creature should be no more than 300 from the owner.
    • It is forbidden to deny access to non-pets or creatures you do not own.
    • It is forbidden to buy and sell game money and items for real money or virtual units of payment systems (wmz, wmr, etc.).
    • It is forbidden paid to pump of characters for real money (not driver when another person is shaking for your person, but paid pump by a group of people, for example, destro-pack).
    • Sale of accounts for real money or virtual units of payment systems (wmz, wmr, etc.) is prohibited.
    • Unauthorized access to accounts of other players is forbidden
    • It is forbidden to steal inventory and objects from the game world.
    • It is forbidden to intentionally remove mobs from spots with the aim of hooking and breaking game mechanics.

    • It is forbidden to use programs not provided for in the Files section of for the natural functioning of the game.
    • It is forbidden to use programs to extract resources and trade on a macro, without human participation. The extraction of resources means the collection of orphan resources, the killing of monsters, etc.
    • It is forbidden to use any programs interfering with the server's operation, to some extent.

    Using server errors (bugs)
    • Intentionally changing the skills, stat and other character settings without the material and time costs set by server rules, duplicating items in the game, pumping skills and casting magic through a wall or a closed door (except for magic inflicting zonal damage) is called using a bug.
    • Using bugs is strictly prohibited.
    • It is forbidden to tell anyone about the detected ones, or seen them using someone else's bugs, except
    • Administration of the server.

    Help Administration
    • Administration of the server encourages all players not only to comply with the Server Rules but also to promote the establishment of order. If you witness a crime, attach a screenshot to confirm this fact (screenshots send to * .jpg or * .rar format), on the forum in the corresponding section.
    • Assistance in the disclosure of serious crimes.
    • Intentional introduction of the Administration of the server into confusion and/or slander against other players.

    Clans and Alliances
    • The clan is created by the community of players. The alliance is created by the Clan community.
    • It is forbidden to put names, titles, names of clans, alliances, abbreviations of clans and alliances, insulting other players or simply containing vulgar vocabulary. It is forbidden to use images that are offensive to ethical standards (an icon depicting a fascinating fist with an outsider, as well as badges depicting fascist and Nazi symbols). Both in the game and on the forum.
    • Epic costume jewelry produced by the clan leader, until the clan leader. The clan leader has the right to return the epic to the costume jewelry that his clan members stole while raising the drop from the epic boss. After the transfer of the epic costume jewelry, it becomes the property of the play and the clan leader. (only for Java servers)

    Tournaments and Events
    • General rules for all tournaments and events:
    • The following are prohibited: flooding (except for the trade chat, attacks, murders, casts of any mass spells, casts of spells, stats of players, castes of creatures and creatures, except when they are necessary to participate in the tournament/event.
    • On ANY tournament, held at Lirion, you must be in compliance with announcements announced in the Announcements. During the tournament/event, GM does not issue or correct things, etc. Players who do not have the things declared for the tournament/event are teleported to the nearest city, without the right to participate in this tournament/event.
    • To come to events/tournaments, only one character/game window is allowed.
    • For different types of tournaments and quests, the Administration may develop different rules than the general ones, which are announced immediately before the start of events on the Lirion .su server forum or in the game.

    The penalty for not executing the rules is the administrator of the server.